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The moment of quality expresses itself in a pleasure that grows in ­waiting

The moment of quality expresses itself in a pleasure that grows in ­waiting, as the wine earns its return on patience. But the moment of ­enjoyment – the moment that a ­bottle is opened – is a moment in which ­yesterday and today unite as one.


Each year, we have chosen to put aside a small part of our production of the wines based in Nebbiolo - a few bottles of Cannubi Boschis, Le Vigne and ­Valmaggiore. To these we dedicate a longer ageing: 10 years past the vintage for the Barolo and 6 years for the Valmaggiore. We hold these in our wine library, where they are held in perfect conditions for resting, refining and the slow march toward maturity. Our seal on the labels identifies these ­specific bottles and their path which began under the ground in our cellars. sibi et paucis represents the passing of the days, the art of waiting and the pleasure of the past made present: an intuition that reflects the cycles of humanity and of wine. Everything flows. Patience is fluid and harmonious; its result transforms and arrives in new forms.


The turning of the seasons, the changing of the weather and the variations of sun and moon are a virtuous circle for those attuned to their tempos. All of us live waiting, and waiting is a precious and essential ingredient between that which was and that which is. We waited for ourselves and for a few: sibi et paucis.


sibi et paucis is neither a selection, nor a "Riserva". sibi et paucis was born of an intuition, which grew into an idea that found its resolution by following the slow rhythms of nature, in both the vineyards and the cellar, for that which improves with age. sibi et paucis is the desire to free Nebbiolo's innate resistance to time. sibi et paucis is the result of the care we take with our wines as these privileged bottles mature in our cellar.



Barolo Cannubi Boschis
Our family´s flagship wine, rededicated

The predecessor of ALESTE Barolo, which Luciano has dedicated to his grandchildren is the Barolo Cannubi Boschis. From the very beginning, in 1985, Luciano has always believed in the uniqueness and in the greatness of the Cannubi hill and in its potential by expressing it in a separate vinification. This wine pays tribute to the richness and elegance of an exceptional vineyard, in the heart of Barolo. Barolo Cannubi Boschis, as its successor ALESTE, is released after 10 years of aging in our cellars with the seal "Sibi et Paucis". It is worth the wait!

Le Vigne Barolo
As it once was

Le Vigne Barolo interprets the tradition of Langhe and of Barolo handing down the ancient and wise art of putting together grapes grown in various vineyards. We took this historic custom working with indigenous yeasts only and, keeping the grapes separated during the production-line work, rather than merging them right in the process of fermentation. The art of assemblage gives this Barolo a great potential for aging and is released after 10 years of maturation in our cellars with the seal "Sibi et Paucis".


Valmaggiore Nebbiolo d'Alba
A heroic interpretation of Nebbiolo

Luciano and his brother Luca have always appreciated the expression of the Nebbiolo vine grown in the most sandy soils of Roero. It took years of research and negotiations to bring together a perfect amphitheater, unique in itself, 20km from the cellar, in the heart of the historical appellation of the vine variety that was the former reference to determine the price of the Nebbiolo grape. Due to its morphology, we harvest the different exposures and altitudes of the vineyard at different times to always ensure maximum ripening, assembling the best grapes right before bottling. Just as it once was, we want to express in Valmaggiore the elegance and finesse of Nebbiolo, above all. Proud and convinced, what we look for in Roero is a Nebbiolo with elegance and finesse that can be considered incomparable. The aging potential is also important for the Valmaggiore. With the seal ""Sibi et Paucis", it is indeed released after 6 years of perfect aging within our cellars.