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Sandrone family history

Sandrone WinesPhilosophy

Our goal is to make the best possible wine for the vintage and vineyard, at every price point. Sandrone wines are generally all made in the same way, no matter if it is an inexpensive Dolcetto or the flagship Cannubi Boschis Barolo. The winemaking at Sandrone is a combination of traditional methods and modern techniques. In the vineyards, the grapes are all treated and cared for the same way, and yields are kept roughly consistent. Broadly speaking, the different wines undergo the same processes and winemaking techniques in the cantina. Any variability, for example, is in the type and length of oak treatment, maceration time and age before releasing to market.

Luciano wants his winemaking techniques used to be as consistent as possible from year to year so as to make the hand of the winemaker less apparent. He believes that this leads to a more honest representation of the wine’s qualities from year to year: the wine will better reflect individual terroirs and vintages when the techniques used in the vineyards and cellars are broadly uniform.

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The Vineyards

VineyardsThe estate farms 27 hectares of vines, of which 75% are owned and the rest under long-term contract. Sandrone buys no grapes farmed by others! This approach insures the consistent excellence of the fruit from vintage to vintage.

Modern and Traditional

LangheMuch ink has been spilled over the divide between modern and traditional winemaking in Barolo over the last 20 years. Luciano uses practices from both schools of thought, not wanting to limit himself to just one way of working.

Sandrone Luciano

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