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United, Serene, Farseeing, Ever in Movement

That's us! Born and raised in Langhe, first and foremost a Family, then a company. Over the years and thanks to our skillful team we have grown with serenity and balance. Our feet are well anchored to the earth; our dreams, however, never stop. Today, we work a total of 27 hectares spread between Langa and Roero.

Accuracy and Authenticity

If you work with the heart, you hardly make mistakes. If you follow nature and respect it, you can create masterpieces. This is how we face each challenge and bring our projects forth.

Joy of living

We work serenely, being proud and happy of an extraordinary profession, in continuous contact with nature, in a place without equal in the world. We guard this fortune with great humbleness and share it with all of those who work with us, because the joy of living is one of our guided values; indispensable.

Past, Present and Future

The past represents the determination, the experience and the guide. The present sees daughter Barbara and brother Luca working and sharing objectives as well as results alongside Luciano and mother Mariuccia. The future are Luciano's grandchildren Alessia, Stefano and Giacomo, who are entering in the company with small steps to learn the spirit and to assimilate the philosophy that will distinguish our reality for a long time.
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