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Heart and Continuity

published on 02.03.2017

Luciano Sandrone dedicates his Cannubi Boschis to the youngest generation of the family

BAROLO - His family and his first vineyard are what Luciano Sandrone holds closest to his heart. He will now …

Luciano Sandrone dedicates his Cannubi Boschis to the youngest generation of the family

BAROLO - His family and his first vineyard are what Luciano Sandrone holds closest to his heart. He will now express this with a special gesture, dedicating his Barolo Cannubi Boschis to his grandchildren, ALEssia and STEfano. Starting with the 2013 vintage, the Barolo Cannubi Boschis will carry their names on its label: ALESTE.


The story of Luciano Sandrone as a winemaker began in the 1970s in his garage. With heart, commitment and attention to every detail, he created a success story together with his family. From the very beginning, the core of his work was a vineyard that he held in the highest esteem: "Cannubi Boschis," in the cradle of Barolo. To highlight its uniqueness and exceptionality, he felt a separate vinification was essential.


Luciano has always been convinced: "This is the only way I can pay tribute to the richness and elegance of an exceptional vineyard. Deep is the awareness of the area in which my family and I grew up. With respect, we are proud to be a part of it. It is a true privilege to be able to cultivate this vineyard, which we can see with our own eyes from our winery. This respect must be carried out and expressed in the wine, at all times. Thus, this carefully considered Barolo was born – a wine to which I assign my utmost attention, harvest after harvest. I intend to leave this approach unchanged, and so I am making a bold but thoughtful choice for the future: dedicating my "Heart-Felt Wine" to Alessia and Stefano, my grandchildren. From now on the wine will carry their names: ALESTE is in fact the union of their first names, ALEssia and STEfano."


ALESTE is therefore the natural continuation of Luciano's first wine, the Barolo Cannubi Boschis. This "cradle of Barolo" is located at 250 meters above the sea level and enjoys an ideal south/southeast exposure. Thanks to the optimal climatic conditions, it is a wine that has drawn international attention for every harvest since its first bottlings in the mid-eighties. With this gesture, Luciano Sandrone passes down all the experience, the knowledge and know-how—but most of all the passion—of his many harvests to his grandchildren. This is how he gives the Sandrone winery, after nearly 40 years, a new perspective.


Tasting notes

ALESTE 2013 is the result of a classic vintage.

Its aromatic complexity is expressed at every turn of the glass. The sense of smell is captivated by hints of Asian spices, oak, black fruits, and as is typical for cooler vintages, the floral tones of rose petals and hibiscus. These are supplemented by aromas of cigar, cedar, black licorice and white ground pepper.


On the palate, the sense of volume is palpable, dominated by dark sweet cherries and black raspberries. This is a wine that delights all the senses. There is indeed a vibrancy, which gives personality to this wine, and the freshness of the acidity balances the opulent tannins.


ALESTE Barolo 2013 will be a particularly long-lived wine that needs patience. Its present structure makes this wine complete, but still very young: it will reach its optimal drinking period in 12 – 15 years.


  • 100% Nebbiolo
  • Indigenous yeast fermentation
  • Maceration and fermentation in open steel tanks
  • Malolactic fermentation and aging in French oak barrels of 500 liters
  • Bottle aging for 18 months
  • 1985 – 2012: Barolo Cannubi Boschis 2013 and beyond: ALESTE Barolo
  • Vineyard in the village of Barolo: Cannubi Boschis
  • Alcohol content: 14.5%


50+ harvests, 40 years of activity, 3 varietals: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. 2 territories – Langa and Roero – that together tell the story of 5 red wines, an expression of intuition, careful observations and continuous refinement. It has always been the greatest aspiration for the Sandrone Family to discover new nuances in each vintage, but most of all to express them in all 5 Sandrone wines. Each vintage has its own harmony, each wine its own story.

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